Warm for life cancellation fees

No Tie-ins and No Cancellation Fees

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t tie our customers into a minimum contract period. You can cancel your care plans whenever you like with no cancellation fees.

We just ask you to note that if you cancel your Boiler Service Plan, we’ll have to cancel your other plans too. This is because you must have Boiler Service in place to qualify for our other plans.


Warm for life call out fees

Call-Out Fees

Please note that if you call us out in relation to a service covered by one of our care plans, we’ll charge a call-out fee of £50 + VAT (this is lower than our standard call-out fees.)

If we need to visit you about the same matter more than once, we’ll still only charge one fee. There are no call-out fees for pre-booked service appointments for boilers and gas fires, including your initial service visit. As a care plan customer, you'll also benefit from unlimited call-outs, ask us for more details.