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Landlord’s Care Plans

Our Landlord’s Care Package includes providing your Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate (LGSC) for all the gas appliances at your rented properties, plus an annual boiler service.
These aspects make up the Foundation Care Plan, which is the only compulsory part of the package.
It’s up to you which other services you’d like us to cover. If you like, we can create a unique Landlord’s Care Package for each of your properties.
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Combi Boiler Care Plans for Landlords

Combi Packs

To bring you even more value, we’ve bundled some of our Care Plans into combination packs.
These cost less per month than buying the plans individually.
You can read more about these in our Landlord’s Brochure.

Download the Landlords Brochure


Find out more and apply for a Landlord’s Care Package

Please download and read our Landlord’s Brochure carefully before you apply for a Care Package.

The brochure explains who’s eligible for a Warm for Life Landlord’s Package, what our plans do and don’t cover, and how the application process works.

You’ll also find other important details, such as information on call-out fees and unsafe gas appliances.

Download the Landlords Brochure