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Easy ways to save water

List for saving water

  1. Switch to showers

Taking a shower can use much less water than running a bath, although it depends on the type of shower. If your shower uses a lot of water, consider fitting a water-saving shower head to reduce consumption. You could also try limiting your shower to four minutes – you can even get a FREE shower timer from Severn Trent to help out!

  1. Turn off the taps

Did you know that a running tap uses around 6 litres* of water a minute? Turn if off when you’re cleaning your teeth or lathering your hands, use a bowl to wash dishes or vegetables, and make sure any drips or leaks are fixed promptly.

  1. Replace your old toilets

Older toilets use around 13 litres* of water with every flush, more than twice as much as modern designs. Not surprisingly, they’re also more likely to leak! Replacing your old toilets is a good investment to make for your home as well as the environment. Another option is to fit a cistern displacement device so the tank holds less water. These are available FREE from Severn Trent.

  1. Don’t go halves on household chores

If your washing machine or dishwasher has a half-load setting, you might think this only uses half the water of a full load. This isn’t the case, so wait until the appliance is full before switching it on. You’ll save electricity as well as water.

  1. Be a greener gardener

There are lots of ways you can save water in the garden. Start out by buying a water butt so you can water the garden with natural rainwater – many plants prefer it to tap water. Ditch the sprinkler and use a hose pipe or watering can instead (fed by the water butt, of course!) And make sure you wet the soil, not the leaves, for maximum effect and minimum waste.

  1. Be canny when you cook

Cooking is another activity that uses a lot of water. But there are easy ways to make savings. Fill up the kettle with the amount you need rather than filling it to the top. And consider steaming vegetables instead of boiling them. Microwave steamers in particular use very little water and produce quick, tasty and healthy results for meat and fish as well as veg.

  1. Keep drinking water in the fridge

Fond of a long, cool glass of water? Don’t waste water by running the tap until the water cools down – this can waste more than 10 litres** of water a day. Fill up a big bottle or jug with tap water and keep it in the fridge to stay cool. And don’t throw away leftover drinking water. Your plants or pets will still love it!

  1. Fit a water meter if you don’t have one

No, we haven’t gone mad. Think about it. If you’re paying for every drop of water you use, you’re going to be more interested in making savings. You could even see a reduction in your bills compared to standard water rates, especially if you live alone.

Like to know more?

For more information about reducing your water use, please contact Warm for Life.