Warm for Life acquires Chris Martin Plumbing

Plumbing   We’re delighted to announce that Warm for Life has recently acquired the Wollaton-based plumbing business, Chris Martin (Plumbing) Ltd. On deciding to retire, business owner Chris was keen to hand his customer base over to a reputable local … Read More

Warm for Life goes platinum

Worcester Bosch boilers   Here at Warm for Life, we’re big fans of Worcester Bosch boilers. And it looks like they’re big fans of us, too, as we’ve recently been promoted to Platinum Accredited Installers. This means we install over … Read More

Top tips for saving energy and money

Top tips for saving energy and money   Insulation Around 30% of the heat loss from your home is through the roof. You can reduce this considerably by insulating the roof space. You may be able to get a grant … Read More

Take control of your home with Nest

Nest Nest is an innovative approach to home technology that will make your life easier. Nest products work together in an intuitive way to learn about your lifestyle and habits – for example, what time you go to work in … Read More

Weather compensation technology

Weather compensation technology In terms of central heating controls, weather compensation technology offers an energy efficient alternative to a traditional timer and thermostat set-up. The technology works by using changes in the outdoor temperature to ‘decide’ how warm your radiators … Read More

Easy ways to save water

List for saving water   Switch to showers Taking a shower can use much less water than running a bath, although it depends on the type of shower. If your shower uses a lot of water, consider fitting a water-saving … Read More

Tips for an eco-friendly home

List for eco-friendly home Making your home a little more eco-friendly doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. With just a few small changes, you can do your bit to help protect the environment and reduce your energy bills, too. … Read More

How to Bleed a Radiator

Bleed a Radiator This video demonstrates how to bleed a radiator, in order to release built up air and solve heating problems such as a ‘gurgling’ sound and cold radiator tops.

Condensing Boiler Benefits

The benefits of a high efficiency condensing boiler. The benefits of a high efficiency condensing boiler.

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