Take control of your home with Nest


Nest is an innovative approach to home technology that will make your life easier. Nest products work together in an intuitive way to learn about your lifestyle and habits – for example, what time you go to work in the morning and when you to bed at night. Core Nest items communicate with other products, known as Works with Nest, to help protect your home, keep your family safe and reduce your energy bills.

Sound complicated? It’s actually simpler than it sounds! Best of all, you can manage all your Nest devices easily in one place by downloading a free app to your smart phone or tablet. And you don’t need to programme them or tell them what to do. They just get on with it!

Nest products

To start using Nest, you’ll need one or more of their three core products. These are the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, and the Nest Cam home monitoring system. We’ve summarised their key features below:

Nest Thermostat

  • Learns the temperatures you like at different times of day and programmes itself in around a week.
  • Turns off your heating and hot water when you’re out to save energy.
  • Sends alerts to your phone if your home becomes too hot or cold.
  • Can be controlled remotely from your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Enables remote control of your hot water tank.
  • Uses OpenTherm technology to control your boiler.
  • Tracks your energy use so you can spot where you could make savings.

Getting started with Nest

Warm for Life are registered Nest Pro installers, so we can supply and fit your Nest Thermostat. After that, you can simply add any Works with Nest product using your smart phone or tablet. As soon as a new device is connected, it’ll start working alongside and learning from your existing products straightaway.

Contact Warm for Life today for more information about the benefits of using Nest technology in your home.